Museum tickets

Visit the best museums and sites in Tallinn easily and comfortably. In cooperation with Tallinn City Museum, Tallinn Literary Center and Estonian Health Museum, we offer our patrons the opportunity to borrow museum tickets.

To borrow museum tickets:

  • Be at least 7 years old.
    NB! to borrow Estonian Health museum tickets be at least 9 years old
  • Present your library card or ID card, if it is your library card.
  • One ticket can be borrowed at a time (single ticket or family ticket).
  • The ticket can be borrowed quarterly for 14 days. The return date can not be renewed.
  • Please return the museum ticket to the library you borrowed it from.

Read the terms of borrowing museum tickets here.

Museum tickets can be borrowed from Kalamaja and Kadrioru Library.

There are the museums one can visit with the ticket borrowed from the library: Estonian Health Museum, Museum of Photography, Jaani Almhouse Gallery, Kalamaja Museum, Kik in de Kök Fortifications Museum, Children’s Museum Miiamilla, Mati Unt Museum, Peter the Great House Museum, Tallinn City Museum, Tallinn Russian Museum, Anton Hansen Tammsaare Museum, Eduard Vilde Musemum.

Jaani Seegi GaleriiFotomuuseumTallinna LinnamuuseumTallinna Vene MuuseumPeeter I MajaLastemuuseum Miiamilla

Kiek in de Köki KindlusmuuseumKalamaja muuseumMati Undi muuseumTammsaare muuseumVilde muuseumEesti Tervisemuuseum


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